For cold, persistently wet conditions, synthetic insulation remains the only choice for those operating in the most serious environments. Impervious to water, synthetic insulation will maintain warmth even whilst wet and dry quickly, essential attributes for belay jackets and mid-layers that will be regularly exposed to high levels of moisture from the elements or from inside your layers whilst working hard.



POLARLOFT® Micro is an advanced synthetic insulation. Made from a combination of 3D long filament fibres and micro fibres it gives excellent warmth with low weight and small pack size. Fast drying and almost unaffected by wet conditions it is ideal for a range of mountain and valley uses.


POLARLOFT® Duo uses a mix of hollow-core and multi-channel fibres to insulate and regulate temperature during strenuous activity. With exceptional rates of evaporative transfer it removes excess heat and moisture when moving yet insulates effectively when static. This unique dual-function construction makes this ideally suited to active insulation pieces that are likely to be used as layers for stop, start activities in difficult conditions.